7 thoughts on “T20 Sector maps”

  1. It is Lionel’s version of Ley-T20 we have at the T20 space atlas.

    Thank You Lionel Deffries! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hunter only allowed us to publish that sector. The other sectors have to wait. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from using Lionel’s work in Your own version of galactic.

  2. Hello.
    Question – Leys the top left sector??? yes.
    If it is then all the gas giant and belts need to be reversed except for the few systems that where in the lite adventure SORRY or i can re submitt the changed sector ( i have changed my copy).
    There are probably several spelling misstakes basicaly L for I’s.

  3. Yes, Ley is the top left sector.
    If You send the updated version to me, I’ll replace Your first verion with the updated.


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