Classic Traveller Game – S.E. Kansas – Starting June 2007

Yup an actual face to face, sit down at the table and play Classic Traveller game. So if you are in the S.E. KS, S.W. MO, area — or like to drive and in the N.E. OK, N.W. AR area, contact me about getting a chair at the game.

Looking for dependable and regular players.

Location is ARCADIA, KS (1.2 Hrs from Kansas City, 2 Hrs from Springfield, Mo, 3Hrs from Wichita, KS, 30 Mins from Pittsburg, KS and 40 Mins from Joplin, MO)

We will be playing Classic Traveller using mostly the rules from the
LBB1-3 however we will be using Houserules for Character Creation and
the Task System.

If you want to see what house rules we will be using, you can download them from the front page of this site (no membership required to download the files),


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  1. This game has since commenced and is still running. I am still looking for more players to join the original group and to start playing on alternate days/weekends. I am also hoping that by summer (gas prices willing) to find enough people to start a regular game twice a month at Changing Hands Book Shop in Joplin MO (they can be found on the web easily via google).

    The rules we are using has changed a bit. I have started using the original built in task system for Traveller, found in the LBBs instead of Ken Bearden’s UGM Task Resolution Procedures. We are still using the modified character creation, Revised Basic Character Generation by Omer Golan, as well as his Revised Psionics Rules. All of which can be found at in the Classic Traveller section.

  2. The monthly game at Changing Hands looks like it will be canceled due to gas prices unless we can get 7 or 8 players local to Joplin. In which case I would have to ask for a donation of a dollar a month from the players to cover the cost of driving back and forth since Changing Hands is a 90 mile round trip for me. I get decent MPG on my car but and extra trip to Joplin would cut into my fixed income too much when gas and food is tallied. I wouldn’t expect money for food but a bit of help with gas would be appreciated – as long as gasoline stays under $4 a gallon, $8 a month (avg. $1 per person per month) will cover the cost.

    I would really like to see this game make if at all possible. Especially with the Mongoose Traveller coming close to being released. With a product directly related to what we are playing on the store shelves, the owner will make more accommodation’s and allowances for us.

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