GRiP Classic Traveller Game Starting May 2007

Just a heads up.

I am starting an online Classic Traveller game in the next couple weeks. We will be playing online, live – using the GRiP interface along with a voice chat.

If you are interested in playing then email me or head over to the Grip Forum and get all the info.

All info is in the “Gateway Campaign CT” section.

Or you can read the front page of our yahoo group to get details.


One thought on “GRiP Classic Traveller Game Starting May 2007”

  1. This game has been put on long term hiatus. If it will ever start/restart is a complete unknown at this time. I feel bad about this on many levels. There were plenty of players signed up albeit there were reoccurring issues with getting grip to communicate properly with everyone, which played into the delays. Another major delay was I was never able to finish the griplets I needed for the game to run the way I wanted it to run. Part of this was due to my repeated status as an inpatient at the med center, my health gets in the way of many things. The other part of not getting the griplets finished has been an active face to face game that I spend most of my free time prepping for which has led to a lack of interest in online games.

    I still view online gaming to be forever secondary to face to face until the technology catches up to where everyone can sit at their computer and have uninterrupted audio and video that is as high a quality as looking at someone across the table – oh and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to do it.

    Fortunately those players (most of whom are in my face to face game) who had signed up approached this stoppage/cancellation without feeling the need to rip my guts out. For that I am grateful and can only say that maybe someday we can try it again, get the bugs worked out, and play online.


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