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Just an old Traveller greybeard. I also run Original Dungeon & Dragons (Little Brown Books), Call of Cthulhu, and Star Trek (FASA) games and also play Battletech, Star Fleet Battles, many Board War Games (where I cut my teeth gaming) and many other RPG's.

Classic Traveller Game – S.E. Kansas – Starting June 2007

Yup an actual face to face, sit down at the table and play Classic Traveller game. So if you are in the S.E. KS, S.W. MO, area — or like to drive and in the N.E. OK, N.W. AR area, contact me about getting a chair at the game.

Looking for dependable and regular players.

Location is ARCADIA, KS (1.2 Hrs from Kansas City, 2 Hrs from Springfield, Mo, 3Hrs from Wichita, KS, 30 Mins from Pittsburg, KS and 40 Mins from Joplin, MO)

We will be playing Classic Traveller using mostly the rules from the
LBB1-3 however we will be using Houserules for Character Creation and
the Task System.

If you want to see what house rules we will be using, you can download them from the front page of this site (no membership required to download the files),


GRiP Classic Traveller Game Starting May 2007

Just a heads up.

I am starting an online Classic Traveller game in the next couple weeks. We will be playing online, live – using the GRiP interface along with a voice chat.

If you are interested in playing then email me or head over to the Grip Forum and get all the info.

All info is in the “Gateway Campaign CT” section.

Or you can read the front page of our yahoo group to get details.


Counters Rendering Machines

I was wondering after making some replacement counters for my copy of Panzer Blitz, have you considered making the rendering machines able to also output 1/2″ counters?

Then one could make new/additional counters for games like Snapshot, Mayday, Astroid, Azhanti High Lightning, and Belter.

I tried making them using the 1″ and 2″ option then reducing them accordingly but the graphics come out too small to be usefully recognizable.