Sophonts Rights

Patron: Activist, Reporter, Agent
Required Skills: none
Required Equipment: long-jumping starship

Players’ Information:
In the local starport (in imperial space in the Spinward Marches) the group sees some activists handing out leaflets. The group will be given one by a girl, and they see that the activists work for a sophonts rights movement. The leaflet notes some minority races that are mistreated in the Spinward Marches. (The Chirpers at Vanejen, The Llellewyloly at Junidy, and the Clotho at Cronor.)

Later that day, the group will be contacted, (unless they have already called the com-number at the leaflet) by a woman who appear to be in her mid 30’s. She says that since the group has shown some interest in sophonts rights and since they have a starship, they might be able to help. The woman needs transportation to Cronor, to visit the Clotho enclave there. At Cronor, she will document the treatment of the Clotho by the Zhodani. She will need 2 tons of cargo initially, and then for the group to pick up a 1 ton cargo at the Jewell system once a month. At these monthly visits, the group will the get an opportunity to help her with some of the documentation work. She will stay at Cronor for 6 months. Since the sophonts rights movement have limited resources, she first ask if the group can help her for free. She will not offer more that standard medium passage and standard cargo fees. If pressed she says, “that the border trade should give the group enough compensation anyway, and remember that You get to work for a good cause”.


Referee’s Information:
Cronor is the planet that in most star maps is named Chronor. (Cronor is Imperial spelling, Chronor is the Zhodani spelling.) It is a small and cold high-tech world with a high population. There is a Clotho enclave near the starport. There is a Zhodani Base in the system. The regions Tavrchedl’ (Thought Police) headquarters is also located here. Chronor was initially settled by Imperial settlers, but was liberated by the Zhodani in The First Frontier War (589 to 604). The original population is now culturally zhodani. Most of the population are ethnic Zhodani due to immigration. (The Zhodani name for the Clotho is Addaxur.)

1. All is as represented. The Zhodani are most helpful. The Clotho are mainly well treated, but due to physical differences there are some minor problems that the Zhodani administration promises to solve.

2. As 1, but the Zhodani are not that helpful, and there are bigger problems, and outright racism.

3. As 1, but the woman is actually a reporter posing as an activist in hope of gaining fame and prizes. The Zhodani are of course aware of this.

4. As 1, but the woman is a Zhodani agent, that first will show imperial media how good the minorities in Zhodani space are treated, and later show the media how poorly the imperium is treating their minorities.

5. As 1, but the woman is an imperial agent (with sophisticated thought shielding implants) that will forge the report to show that the Clotho are mistreated.

6. As 5, but the woman will also try to spread imperial propaganda and arms to the original settlers. As long as the players don’t know that they ship arms, there will only be routine checks made of their cargo. But if they know, the Zhodani customs will find it immediately.

In all cases the referee should determine the flow of subsequent events.

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