Hunter Gordon

Hunter Gordon Sept 14 1966 – Jan 24 2013

Very sad news about Hunter Gordon, author (with MJD) of the Traveller T20 book and of other books for T20. 🙁

He will be missed. There were some parts of T20 that I thought was really good. Hunter gave me permission to place the T20 Ley sector on my website. Lets play some T20 now!

T20 - Cheers Hunter Gordon
T20 – Cheers Hunter Gordon

Could my internet Traveller friends stop dying now please! It feels like an epidemic. First Bari Stafford (a.k.a. General Turokan) who mapped a route to the rim of the galaxy. Then Jerry Mapes, Andrew Boulton, John Lees and now Hunter Gordon. 🙁

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