Jerry Mapes

There was some very sad news about JR Mapes, (a contributor to the Zhodani Base). 😥

At his traveller blog You can find his cleaned up Spinward Marches data and some other goodies.

His posts at the Zhodani Base:

For his big contribution to the traveller community, the planet at position 1234 in Foreven Sector is now called Mapes. I selected this planet since it is a peaceful place. When we visit it, we will think of him. New version of Harem Subsector below.

@SUB-SECTOR: Harem SECTOR: Foreven
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Wright        0935 C470574-9    De Ni              305 Mn
Ninang        1032 XAF3000-0    Ba Fl Lo Ni     R  0 3 Na
Denanus       1039 B347557-B  J Ag Ni              714 Av     h
Vanja         1139 C000577-C    As Ni           A  232 Av
Soonrod       1140 B776513-B    Ag Ni              242 Av     h
Mapes         1234 X513000-0    Ba Ic Lo Ni     R  0 0 Na
Wakato        1239 B778440-B    Ni                 123 Av     h
Bophani       1240 C493520-7    Ni                 212 Av
Elloni        1335 D548405-6    Ni                 700 Av     h
Goku          1432 D150441-9    De Ni Po        A  524 Av
Huaras        1534 D344556-8    Ag Ni              102 Av
Daphne        1536 B786786-B    Ag Ri              512 Av     h
Bebeto        1539 B786898-9    Ri                 221 Av     h
Ringun        1631 A866796-A  J Ag Ri              701 Av     h
Isobel        1632 B336423-9    Ni              A  300 Av     h
Banbas        1634 C513454-8    Ic Ni              804 Av
AVALAR        1636 A75599C-C  J Hi Cp              904 Av     h
MILNE         1637 A888947-C  J Hi                 324 Av     h
Olga          1639 B454766-C  J Ag                 914 Av
CALIENTE      1640 C6739CC-7    Hi In              404 Av     h

Harem Subsector

7 thoughts on “Jerry Mapes”

  1. Thank you for this. We over in the OD&D community have been talking about doing something to Jerry’s memory (he had a big effect and presence with us, too) – but frankly, Traveller was his favorite game. A monument within Traveller is what I think he would have thought the most cool.

  2. Just want to echo what Matt has said. This is a wonderful way to remember him. I’m sure he’d love being in/near the Harem sector as well. 🙂

  3. It’s always a blow when we lose a member of the community. We’re all ageing, and we’ve seen founding fathers like Gary Gygax and pass away, but it’s doubly sad when ‘one of ours’ leaves us at such an untimely age. I’ll make sure to visit Mapes when I next pass through Foreven Sector – red zone or no … 😉

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