Royal Return

Patron: Noble
Location: Dengvin (Foreven 2325)

Players’ Information:
Marquesa Juliana St. James, is known for her beauty and charity work throughout Foreven. She has championed the rights for victims of incurable disease who are shunned by society, and campaigned for legislation addressing the rights of minority beings on predominantly human worlds. She has used her beauty and nobility as carte blanche to forward a number of industries to expand the family fortune, and pay for her personal endeavors. She is well-known, easily recognizable by virtue of the fact that her face is on many ads for many products, as well as public service announcements, political ads, and holo-vid shows (she has starred in a few holo-vid dramas, as well as successfully dabbled in popular music, again using her proceeds to further her causes). She is loved and revered by those she champions and her fan base, but is hated by those who object to her forward thinking and avid anti-crime stance. As of late, she has gone missing. The story of her disappearance pervades all news shows, and there are daily updates. Some of her fans have even organized search groups, from the serious who have pooled money to hire private detectives, to the not so serious who casually put out the word that she is missing when the media has already flooded the sector networks and channels with the story.

The adventurers have just come off of a long hard job on their current location of Dengvin (a lush agro world hacked up into estates of various sizes by wealthy families and nobles who reside as gentlemen farmers). The adventurers are loading their ship on a private Type-E landing pad with spare parts and food fresh from the private farms and ranches run by the locals. The last job the adventurers were on took them to the asteroid fields of Torinsk to track a smuggling cartel which had its origins here on Dengvin. The affair ended in a large fire fight and talking with local security forces as local Baron Gave Hadoc was taken into custody. Hadoc had purchased his nobility through ill-gotten funds by smuggling stolen goods. He is now in the local jail where he awaits trial and sentencing.

As the adventurers replenish the ship they hear shots fired. A young woman in rags and cloak comes staggering from behind some crates calling for help in a weak voice. She staggers towards the adventurers. She claims to be Marquesa Juliana Saint James, and states that she is running for her life, having recently escaped a lockup from Hadoc’s estate, the very man the adventurers helped jail.

She says that Hadoc’s men are pursuing her, and that she needs to get off world and back home to her private estates on Tepenke, or, anyway in the Avalar Consulate. She is bruised, dirty and has grease on her face from hiding in the freight and repair center, and her clothes barely cover her body. She promises a handsome reward if she is brought back to Avalar space.

Marquesa Juliana St. James
Marquesa Juliana St. James – image from wikimedia
Public domain – copyright expired

Referee’s Information:
In the meantime, there are a half-dozen lightly armed men coming in the players direction. The crates are blocking their view, and they do not see the young woman.
Roll 1d6 and consult the table.

1. She is not Marquesa Juliana St. James, but is the daughter of a wealthy CEO. If returned her father will be notified, and the adventurers will be compensated for food, fuel, and other expenses, along with a bonus of 50,000 Cr. But the path will not be easy as Ludoc’s men will pursue, occasionally firing shots, but will break off pursuit once inside Avalar space.

2. She is Marquesa Juliana St. James’ double, Mary Larson, and is being pursued by Hadoc’s men who think she is the real thing. Once the adventurers get to Avalar space the pursuit will heat up. If Mary is wounded she will make it a point of sacrificing herself. Once she dies the pursuers will then leave. The adventurers will then be approached by the real Marquesa Juliana St. James who will thank them and offer them a megacredit each for their troubles.

3. As per result 2, but the Marquesa’s personal huscarles, 30 heavily armed troopers will come in and kill or drive off the attackers. If the encounter is in space, then the Marquesa’s ship will outclass the pursuer’s, with a possible boarding action. The double will be saved, and the adventurer’s awarded a megacredit each, plus compensation for fuel and repairs.

4. The young woman is a synthetic duplicate of Marquesa Juliana St. James. She will pass all medical scans, but in reality she is an artificial construct. She can take damage and shrug it off. Once the adventurers are confronted with the pursuers, she will take a weapon to help fight them off.

5. She is in fact Marquesa Juliana St. James, and has been held by Baron Hadoc for discovering his operations. She managed to escape with the help of her double, and begs for assistance. She explains that she recently gave a tip that helped the Avalar government tip-off the independent worlds to crack down on Baron Hadoc’s smuggling ring, and needs to get back to her family in Avalar space.

6. She is too disheveled to properly identify, and has no identity chip, papers or other verification. If the players take her on they will need to hide her. Hadoc’s men will be relentless, and keep a tail on the players as they make their way to Avalar space.

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