State of the Base

What has happened at The Base in 2018? A lot of things, but not as much as I had hoped!


Orange and NotThe Zhodani Base now has reached over 850 fans at facebook.

Season 2 (8 new episodes) of the Adventures of the Starship Notorious.

The Mnemosyne Sourcebook by Dylan Lee was added.

SSL (https) added.

Chat (connecting to the original #traveller IRC) added.


All the things I didn’t have time to write or finish.

There was no Amber Zone Contest this year.

There were no reviews.

I had to change web host.

Site Stats

The Zhodani Base has about 6200 proper visitors each month. That is a little better than last year. (Even though my web host had major problems in the last months.)

The 5 most popular posts on the blog was:

  1. Cepheus Engine (1)
  2. New big blank subsector maps (3)
  3. Traveller Inspiration: Free e-books (4)
  4. What makes a subsector popular? (new)
  5. Spherical Space Ships (2)

The 5 most popular pages on the blog was:

  1. Random Subsector Generator (2)
  2. Free pdf-files (1)
  3. Generators (4)
  4. Maps and Data (3)
  5. Amber Zone (5)

The 5 most popular search words/phrases for finding the blog was:

  1. traveller rpg (1)
  2. traveller rpg blog (new)
  3. amazon (new)
  4. traveller rpg pdf (2)
  5. traveller rpg tools (new)

We can see that the pdfs and generators are still very popular. Both in searches and in the popular pages list.

To-do List

  • Run an Amber Zone contest this year.
  • Write reviews of Science Fiction books and Traveller Products.
  • Repost some stuff from the defunct Traveller Freeport website.
  • Post season 3 of the The adventures of Starship Notorious.

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    Keep up the great work!

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