JTAS kickstarter from Mongoose

JTAS from Mongoose. This looks really good. There will be lots of stuff from the original JTAS from GDW that will be updated. There will also be some new stuff.

Mongoose has delivered some really nice kickstarters in the past. The only thing that worries me is Brexit.

There is a 112 page free preview that can be downloaded now.

One interesting thing in the preview is the Miniphants. In the Mongoose Sword World module they were not described as in the old JTAS #16. But in the preview, the Miniphants have not been changed from the original. That is a good thing. This means that Mongoose is de-canonizing their own (or parts of their own) problematic Sword World module. 🙂


4 thoughts on “JTAS kickstarter from Mongoose”

  1. I share your Brexit worry. But in the KS comments, Matthew Sprange (Mongoose) says that they have US warehouses, so they should be able to fulfill regardless. I think I’m going to risk it … but then I did bet on the TV pilot, so I’m not necessarily the best judge of risks. (However, after this I won’t be doing any more UK-based KS for awhile until we have a clearer picture.)

  2. Mongoose say that there will be some new meterial in their JTAS. But even if that wasn’t the case I would still have backed them since this product looks good. Mongoose has improved their quality a lot lately. I was really happy with their The Great Rift box.

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