3 thoughts on “Spinward Marches rotated 60°”

  1. I like how this looks, especially for the Sword Worlds, but I’m left wondering about the in-game rationale for looking at the map this way. The conventional “coreward-trailward-rimward-spinward” orientation makes in-game sense (hence, “The Spinward Marches”). What might the rationale be for this “rotated 60” approach?

  2. The rationale may be that this is the view from Core Sector. Up in this map is further away from the Capital (or from the Reference System).

  3. I see what you meam about The Traveller Adventure. Shame we didn’t start with this 21 sessions ago! (Although I quite like how TTA has kept things a bit contained so I don’t have to prepare *too* much!

    But nice thought. I’ll take a closer look when at a PC. Thank you.

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