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Adventures and Scenarios.

Adventure Hooks

The Fugitives.

An old Freighter (400-tons) is smuggling fugitives from a poor
or lowtech or dictator ruled world.

The freighter is rusty, and some of the internal bulkheads
is not working. When it enters the system it is hit by a meteroid.
The ship is leaking, and it is crowded, and there are not enough
space suits…

The PCs can be fugitives, or crew of the ship, or rescue crew.
All situations will be interesting…

Zho in Trav Games With Imperials…


In a number of my games we have had zho’s working alongside Imperials, One was a VERY confused Tvarchdl’ Officer who had been trained for the Vargr states and was escaping through the imperium. 🙂
he was great fun until…
He decided to “adjust our Captain and Med officer. Which turned them both into A**H***s!
Which of course woke up one of the NPC’s who is one of the most subtile and strongest PSI’s in the Imperium…
Life got interesting after that …
The new Game is going to have a SORAG Prole Agent in it he could be Very interesting.
Have fun all.
As a group we have been doing a lot of thinking about the Zhodani and their Culture, as well as Zdetl the language.
By the way there is a Zdetl dictionary on GypsyComet’s site not complete but it is a start.
Have fun