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Interesting idea about coyns

Sacrifice CoynAt the CotI boards, there is an interesting thread about replacing one of the coyns for the major races with something else. E.g. a coyn for “the Virus” or IMTU (where the virus doesn’t exist) a coyn for the Hhkar. Since I am an evil referee, the coyn I would replace would be the humaniti coyn, (and this would happen all over known space). 😈

This could be the start of an interesting campaign where the PCs try to save the future of humanity. Only the PCs and a number of scientists would know about the change, and the authorities will not listen to their warnings…

My Campaign

Well I’ve finally managed to get a lot of my campaign info up on my website. Please feel free to snoop around and let me know what you think. I am open to advice (this is my first Traveller campaign as a Referee).

The site is far from completed, but take a look at what I do have posted.

Please note that there are non-player races in the campaign, but I have yet to post the info on them. One of them is one of the 5 major space-faring races controlling the planet, so my math does work. 🙂