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Subsector SKA-1979

On this day (19 October 1979) , 40 years ago, the albums One Step Beyond… by Madness and the album The Specials by the Specials were released. (Read more here.) This is an ATU subsector map I made to celebrate this:
Madness and The Specials Subsector[tabs]
[tab title=”Subsector Data”]

#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- --
Bedders       0913 B788130-9    Lo Ni              134 Ll
Buster        1015 B562595-6  S Ni                 401 Na
Dekker        0915 C472579-6  S Ni                 120 Na
Barso         1012 C642574-5    Ni Po              602 Ll
Jerry         1017 A620463-9  2 De Ni Po           510 Ck
Kix           1113 E566583-7    Ag Ni              205 Ll
Roddy         1118 E320651-8    De Na Po           110 Ck
Suggs         1414 A542134-8  N Lo Ni Po           403 Ll
Chas          1214 E575200-3    Lo Ni           A  102 Ll
Neville       1218 C764567-8    Ag Ni              200 Ck
Woody         1312 B986347-7  N Lo Ni              414 Ll
Terry         1416 A366200-E  N Lo Ni              110 Ck
Lynval        1317 D568574-2  S Ag Ni              103 Ck
Brad          1320 B588233-9  N Lo Ni              124 Ck
Chrissy       1512 B542433-7  N Ni Po              602 Ll
Horace        1517 B49A78A-D  N Wa                 704 Ck
Dread         1615 X59A888-1    Wa              R  804 Na

[tab title=”Meta Data”]

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    border.Ll { color: #000099; }
    route.Ll{ color: #00CC00; }
    border.Ck{ color: #990000; }
    route.Ck{ color: #00CC00; }
  <Label Hex="1313" Size="small">Londium League</Label>
  <Label Hex="1318" Size="small">Coventria Klub</Label>
    <Border Allegiance="Ck">1017 1117 1217 1317 1416 1517 1518 1418 1419 1320 1219 1218 1118 1017 </Border>
    <Border Allegiance="Ll">0913 1012 1112 1212 1312 1412 1512 1513 1413 1414 1314 1214 1114 1013 0913 </Border>

[tab title=”Ships”]

A Message to You, Rudy
Do the Dog
It's Up to You
Nite Klub
Doesn't Make It Alright
Concrete Jungle
Too Hot
Monkey Man
(Dawning of A) New Era
Blank Expression
Stupid Marriage
Too Much Too Young
Little Bitch
You're Wondering Now
One Step Beyond
My Girl
Night Boat to Cairo
Believe Me
Land of Hope and Glory
The Prince
Tarzan's Nuts
In The Middle of The Night
Bed and Breakfast Man
Razor Blade Alley
Swan Lake
Rockin' in A?
Mummy's Boy
Chipmunks Are Go!


Madness and The Specials

These Stars Are Ours!

“The more deeply we are cast under a story’s spell, the more potent its influence.” Underlying all passionate Traveller fans is a desire to tell and participate in  grand science fiction narratives. We can worry about Canon and setting and what game Traveller is supposed to be. Or we can write sweeping histories such as “These Stars Are Ours!“. Published by Stellagama Publishing, its goal is to provide an immersive Traveller universe that explores a variety of themes and stories, drawing upon well known science fiction tropes. A consequence of separating the “engine” of Traveller from the “setting” is that it liberates writers and publishers to create their own settings for adventures. Echoing the great product the Twilight Sector, “These Stars Are Ours!” is a successful and comprehensive setting that includes new and modified rules relevant to the setting and takes advantage of Stellagama Publishing’s existing work in extending the Cepheus Engine. It entrances the reader immediately and provides a powerful basis for Traveller adventures.

These Stars Are Ours!
Alegis Downport has already written an informative review. The comment thread below the review already contains positive responses from the publisher promising further material for the setting – great news for fans. This review will comment more on the history and nature of setting itself.

The star charts draw upon Stellagama’s earlier work “Near Space“. It makes Earth (“Terra”) the centre of the setting – and so players have an immediate stake in the game, connecting to the future of our own planet. The setting approximately 400 years into the future, not thousands, also making it more immediate to us as readers and players. The period is clearly parallel to Traveller 2300 but this setting has a very different flavour. The Reticulans are the almond-shaped-eyed aliens of Area 51 fame who conquer Terra and rule it with an iron fist until thrown off by the free-spirited, fighting and proud Terrans. Play begins in the aftermath of this revolutionary war.

The history of the war itself is a great read. This reviewer saw clear parallels to the Russian Civil War of the 1920’s and to World War II – there was even a ‘Stalingrad’ moment in this setting’s history. While the ‘fighting Terran’ spirit is reminiscent of fiction such as Starship Troopers, the setting is also clearly influenced by the gritty realism of Firefly and its themes of the real social consequences of war and oppression. This theme carries through in describing the history and culture of the various non-human sophonts of the setting. None are cardboard cut-out “bad guys” and all have redeeming qualities as well as flaws. How these various aliens react to the Reticulan Imperium and the United Terran Republic causes us to reflect upon the reasons for our actions – the best part of role play games (although I also enjoy blowing things up).

Sophonts in TSAO!

The patrons provided are all great hooks firmly grounded in this detailed and nuanced setting.  There are familiar industrial espionage, smuggling and exploration themes, but all layered with the particular history of the setting, including a mysterious race of Precursors who have left artefacts. But on top of this there are very specific adventures interacting with the various alien races in ways other than at the other end of a weapon. The Reticulans are divided into competing feudal houses. The Zhuzzh are untrustworthy and nomadic – but as a wise man once said, you can always trust an untrustworthy man to be untrustworthy. The Cicek are fierce fighters and dashing pirates, but also divided along gender lines Aslan-style. The Ssesslessians are mysterious respecters of ancient traditions. Once more familiar with the setting, all of these species would make interesting player characters.

This setting book also offers careers and advanced career rules including setting-based events that affect characters, drawing players into the history and engaging them with the background. All of the new rules and alternate career paths are clearly based on the story needs of the setting. This is an excellent use of a rules engine: it obeys the story needs, not the other way around.

While the deck plans and starship designs are few, the generic ship designs from the Cepheus Engine will fit this setting well. The publishers have promised further ships for the setting in the future. The ‘flying saucer’ designs were a real treat, and the text justifies ‘mysterious UFOs’ at TL13 by showing how mysterious true gravitics would be to 20th Century earth – but always by example, never by telling the reader. This kind of excellent descriptive writing strengthens the setting and is an excellent example of ‘show don’t tell’ in RPG writing.

Ships from TSAO!

The star maps provided give plenty of contrasting settings for adventure, right on the border of four different political entities. “The Frontier” is always a good source of adventures and conflict. What These Stars Are Ours! shows is that you can pack a lot of adventure and campaign ideas into just two subsectors. This is plenty for a typical Traveller sandbox campaign.

Priced at a very reasonable $20, any Referee can pick this up and plan adventures for hungry players quickly. You will not regret the purchase.

Twilight Sector – A new TU

Cool, a new traveller product to review. 😎

First we need to understand that Twilight Sector is not located a few sectors rimward of the Solomani Rim. It is not even located in the Official Traveller Universe. It is located in an entirely new Alternative Traveller Universe.

How dare they? Heretics! 😉

Well, this is actually a good thing. I have hoped for a long time now that someone would dare to make a commercial product for a new TU. The reason for this is all the problems there are with the OTU and that there are always some whining canon-heads that complains when you try to do something creative.

There have been other attempts to create other alternative traveller universe to get around the problems with the OTU. Two examples are Proto-Traveller and Dark Hunter. I have even tried to make my own traveller universes. One based on the Elite game, and one based on history.

In the Twilight Sector Campaign Setting Sourcebook we get a very good description of the history of this universe and of the Major powers. There are also many pages of library data in the end of the book. This is very useful since it is a new setting, and no old library data can be used if you want to play in this TU.

There are a few interesting differences from the OTU. First, there are no aliens (but there have been one or more ancient races). There are mutants instead. Maximum jump range is 8 (not 6). There are also interstellar radio with messages travelling up to 8 parsecs in a week.

Since the book is called Twilight Sector, I would have guessed that it would be a bit like other sector books (Rim of Fire, Behind the Claw or Gateway to Destiny.) But it wasn’t. There is no full description of a traveller sector with maps and UPPs for every world. Instead we get a very good description of half a subsector (6 worlds and two space stations). That was a bit of a disappointment when I had hoped for something else.

One of the worlds described is a copy of Earth called Terra/Sol. Even though a copy of Earth seems a bit silly, I am looking forward to read about why and how it was made. The ancients in this TU must have been much more powerful than Grandfather in the OTU. Maybe even as powerful as Slartibartfast.

In the book there are many nice images. Some are in colour. Some (like the cover) are a bit sexist. The worlds described have nice isodecahedron worldmaps and nice system maps. But the subsector map is quite ugly and not at all of the same quality as the other illustrations.

I really hope that Terra/Sol games will publish more books about this interesting TU. I also hope that this will inspire other publishers to make their own Traveller Universes.

Twilight Sector

Image used with permission. Part of Twilight Sector Carnival at Atomic Array.

Want to learn more about Twilight Sector? Read on…

Drop by Terra/Sol Games today!

Review written as part of the Twilight Sector Carnival at Atomic Array.