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New Elite game at Kickstarter

I just love Elite. You have a starship and travel between planets and trade and try to avoid dangers. You can equip your starship or upgrade to a better ship. (Does it sound familiar?) I played it a lot on my ZX Spectrum. I would have played it even more if the copyright protection hadn’t been so silly. Then I got a PC and played Frontier: Elite II and Frontier: First Encounters. Now I play Oolite.

David Braben has now started a Kickstarted project for a new multi-user Elite called Elite: Dangerous. I want this new game and I support this project.

In the original Elite (and in Oolite) the game map is 8 “galaxies” with 256 planets each. I thought that a galaxy would work great as a sector for Traveller, so I started mapping Galaxy One for Traveller. So far I have mapped half of the sector (8 Subsectors). The starting position for the old Elite game is in the Old Worlds Subsector. The other 7 subsectors can be found here and here.

Xexedi Cluster Subsector

I have looked at four more subsectors (one quadrant) of Galaxy One. In the Xexedi cluster, the planet of Xexedi is important since it is a TL-14 industrial planet. There are also many amber zones in this subsector.

@SUB-SECTOR: Xexedi Cluster   SECTOR: Oolite1
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Lerelace      0912 A466843-C  N Ri                 525 Hc
Laenin        0914 E6537BD-4    Po              R  200 Hc
Xexedi        0915 A476977-E  N Hi In Cp        A  513 Gf
Tibionis      0917 B655743-8    Ag              A  311 Fr
Terea         0918 B7677A7-6    Ag Ri           A  333 Hc
Uscela        0919 A666777-8    Ag Ri              322 Bl
Xeoner        1013 C4577AA-6    Ag                 311 Sl
Esbeus        1015 C677778-6    Ag              A  222 Ff
Maregeis      1019 C777954-7    Hi In              212 Hc
Usle          1116 B677976-9    Hi In              411 Hc
Enonla        1317 A4439CE-D    Hi In Po        R  510 Hc
Biorle        1318 B643976-A    Hi In Po           400 Hc
Diquer        1411 C86679C-5    Ag Ri              234 Hc
Socelage      1414 C665742-6    Ag Ri              313 Fr
Maxeedso      1418 B767777-7    Ag Ri              323 Fi
Anarlaqu      1420 D753755-5    Po                 210 Hc
Razaar        1515 E5538AC-3    Po                 100 Gi
Zadies        1618 B577978-9    Hi In           A  334 Hc

Xexedi Cluster

All maps in this post made using Traveller Map Post Function.

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The Iron Stars Subsector

I have looked at three more subsectors from the Oolite Universe.  The Iron Stars is subsector N. This subsectors have lots of industrial worlds.

@SUB-SECTOR: The Iron Stars
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Rabedira      0940 B546977-9    Hi In           A  312 Hc
Quzadi        1035 B7779CC-9    Hi In           R  422 Hc
Aona          1036 A445975-D  N Hi In Cp           525 Hc
Leleer        1039 C4449AC-8    Hi In           A  313 Hc
Qucerere      1040 B7577AC-8    Ag                 310 Hc
Biarge        1133 A666777-C  N Ri                 424 Hc
Onusorle      1134 D843954-8    Hi In Po           300 Hc
Usrarema      1140 A6769CB-C  N Hi In              513 Sr
Vebege        1231 E677973-6    Hi In           A  222 Hc
Entizadi      1237 A4469BC-C  N Hi In           A  512 Hc
Rateedar      1331 B576976-A    Hi In           R  414 Hi
Cetiisqu      1338 D543957-7    Hi In Po           210 Hc
Geerra        1434 D456743-5    Ag                 211 Hc
Usanat        1437 D6777AB-4    Ag                 212 Hc
Digebiti      1531 C843956-8    Hi In Po        A  300 Hc
Soladies      1540 C6777A9-6    Ag                 213 Hc

The Iron Stars

All maps in this post made using Traveller Map Post Function.

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Old Worlds Subsector

You might recognize this subsector? I have tried to make it more travelleresque. Please comment if You have any ideas on how to improve this.

@SUB-SECTOR: Old Worlds
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Relaes        0121 A8759CC-B  N Hi In              412 Hc
Orrere        0123 C6437CA-7    Po                 300 Hc
Uszaa         0125 C444972-8    Hi In           A  324 Hc
Riedquat      0129 E853873-4    Po              A  210 Hr
Ra            0222 E4208CA-5    Po              A  310 Hc
Diso          0228 B879745-8    Ag                 110 Ff
Leesti        0230 B4409CB-B    Hi In Po           511 Hc
Quator        0322 C777973-7    Hi In           A  222 Hc
Reorte        0324 C8577A7-6    Ag              A  310 Ff
Lave          0328 B5647A5-5    Ri Ag              213 Hc
Zaonce        0530 A5779CD-C  N Hi In Cp           525 Hc
Aesbion       0622 B8979CC-A    Hi In           R  521 Gf
Qutiri        0628 A787875-9    Ri              A  322 Ff
Isinor        0630 C85777A-7    Ag                 400 Sf
Isence        0721 A887874-9    Ri              A  311 Fh
Aronar        0726 C753753-8    Po                 101 Hc
Ontiat        0830 B866879-7    Ag              R  321 Gl

Old Worlds

Map made using Traveller Map Post Function.