Counters Rendering Machines

I was wondering after making some replacement counters for my copy of Panzer Blitz, have you considered making the rendering machines able to also output 1/2″ counters?

Then one could make new/additional counters for games like Snapshot, Mayday, Astroid, Azhanti High Lightning, and Belter.

I tried making them using the 1″ and 2″ option then reducing them accordingly but the graphics come out too small to be usefully recognizable.


2 thoughts on “Counters Rendering Machines”

  1. You should use a real graphics program too shrink the counters.
    (E.g “Photoshop”, “the Gimp” or “Paintshop Pro”)

    For best results, use the 2 inch counters. Open the gif-image in the graphics program and increase the numbers of colors. Then resize them to the size you want, using resampling.

    If You do like this I hope the quality will be good enough for You.

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