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Travelling between different places in a solar system takes time. Sometimes it will even be faster to make a micro (in-system) jump than using the M-drive.

When jumping to a system, it might be important to know where to get free fuel. If you have a cargo or passengers for the main planet, then it might not be economical to go to a gas giant (to get free fuel) in the outer system as well. Even if the main planet has oceans, you might not be allowed to refuel in these. If you don’t have any cargo or passengers or any other business to the main planet, then you might want to jump directly to the gas giant instead. There you can refuel and jump to the next destination.

How can you plot all the relevant information for a system in a hex on the subsector map? My idea is to divide the hex in six triangles, and show the most important planets with the important moons in each triangle. If there aren’t enough important planets, just leave some triangles empty. But as a minimum 2-3 triangles should have planets. I have put the gas giants in the right part of the hex, just like where the gas giant icon is usually placed.

This is my example for the Terra system. What do you think?

Terra Hex

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  1. My original is a bit larger than this. Printing at 300 dpi would make the map about 12 inches wide. That would work on a printer that can handle larger paper sizes. But it would use lots of ink! 😕

    I never intended a map produced using this hex style to be printed. It should be viewed on the computer. On the computer zooming in and out isn’t a problem with most viewers.

    I am happy that You liked it. Next, a subsector?

  2. Any map worth doing is worth covering every available wall, floor, and ceiling with. Excellent stuff.

  3. So, where would you put the outpost, starbase?
    I would think that you would want to define it as being in X triangle so that at a glance you would always know to look there for what type of facilities there are besides the port (which is in the UWP code).

  4. The more things that are defined, the better this format will get.
    Any suggestions are appreciated.

    So far, I have only decided on placing the main planet in the lower triangle.

  5. Hey there…

    So first off, I welcome suggestions for incorporating further details into the output of The Traveller Map. Especially helpful are visual treatments like this one. A few comments on this one specifically:

    * This treatment is designed to include detail about the other worlds in the system. Unfortunately, we have details for only a very small number of systems in the OTU – Terra, Regina, Vland, and maybe 20-30 others in various magazines, supplements and adventures. So it’s not a high priority item to get more system details shown on zoom-on, since beyond stellar data and belts/giants/worlds count we simply don’t have much.

    * The World Data Sheet (e.g. treatment is intended to be very visually simple, evocative of MT materials. I don’t want the image to be cluttered.

    * I do want to get system displays in there somehow, though. I’m fond of the symbolic, primarily horizontal displays used in T4’s Long Way Home and Gateway, but not slavishly so. I’ve been playing with tools to do renders of extended system descriptions but I haven’t settled on anything yet.

    Two relevant items on the wish list are:

    Additional comments and suggestions welcome.

  6. Now if only I could find people in my near abandoned corner of this universe (called Oregon) that played Traveller.
    Hell, if I could find ANYONE now a days that played any pencil and paper RPG. I guess it takes just too much effort both in math and science to role play any science fiction these days…

  7. Hi toltrin! Have you tried PBeM games? I think that is a good way to be able to play when it is difficult to find someone to play with.

    There is a forum at the CotI that is called Recruiting Office that can be used for finding other players. Good Luck!

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