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Rull Subsector – HCS Map with dark background

In the free download form Hell Creek Sanitarium there was a map with a printable background. Here is the not so printable version of the map for those who like a darker background.

This map is based on the data (by Dylango) of Rull Subsector of the Foreven Sector found at the Zhodani Base. The differences are that the borders have moved a bit and that there are trade routes added.

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Xexedi Cluster Subsector

I have looked at four more subsectors (one quadrant) of Galaxy One. In the Xexedi cluster, the planet of Xexedi is important since it is a TL-14 industrial planet. There are also many amber zones in this subsector.

@SUB-SECTOR: Xexedi Cluster   SECTOR: Oolite1
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Lerelace      0912 A466843-C  N Ri                 525 Hc
Laenin        0914 E6537BD-4    Po              R  200 Hc
Xexedi        0915 A476977-E  N Hi In Cp        A  513 Gf
Tibionis      0917 B655743-8    Ag              A  311 Fr
Terea         0918 B7677A7-6    Ag Ri           A  333 Hc
Uscela        0919 A666777-8    Ag Ri              322 Bl
Xeoner        1013 C4577AA-6    Ag                 311 Sl
Esbeus        1015 C677778-6    Ag              A  222 Ff
Maregeis      1019 C777954-7    Hi In              212 Hc
Usle          1116 B677976-9    Hi In              411 Hc
Enonla        1317 A4439CE-D    Hi In Po        R  510 Hc
Biorle        1318 B643976-A    Hi In Po           400 Hc
Diquer        1411 C86679C-5    Ag Ri              234 Hc
Socelage      1414 C665742-6    Ag Ri              313 Fr
Maxeedso      1418 B767777-7    Ag Ri              323 Fi
Anarlaqu      1420 D753755-5    Po                 210 Hc
Razaar        1515 E5538AC-3    Po                 100 Gi
Zadies        1618 B577978-9    Hi In           A  334 Hc

Xexedi Cluster

All maps in this post made using Traveller Map Post Function.

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