Subsector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

How did this happen?

Subsector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha
In this ATU, the Solomani discovered jump-drive a lot earlier (in 2017 AD) than in the OTU. NASA and ESA agreed that the most democratic way to name planets and subsectors would be to let everyone vote on the interwebs. The result can be seen above.

First planet to be named was Centauri Prime. The B5 fans got helped by all other Science Fiction fans that all agreed that the planet found at Alpha Centauri should be called Centauri Prime.

Bernard’s Planet was named as a joke since it orbits the star called Bernard’s Star.

Next joke was Planet McPlanetface.

Then the Beliebers realized that they could name a planet.

After that MUFC fans and swedes got their planet.

Next, some claimed that the internet poll was hacked, twice.

Since MUFC got their planet, Barcelona must also have one.

Then the Trekkies realized that they could name a planet.

The fans of xkcd worked hard to win the next poll.

Apple also has lots of fans.

When 100 million Turks could agree on a name they won the next poll.

The Star Wars fans won the next poll.

Then the Browncoats won the next poll.

Then the whovians got their planet.

Douglas Adams fans won the next poll.

Jezza started a campaign using all his amazon earnings and won the final poll in this subsector.

There was also a poll for the subsector name. Most science fictions fans could agree on the name ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha.

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