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The Restaurant

Patron: Chef, Patriot, Agent
Required Skills: none
Required Equipment: Starship

Players’ Information:
The group is contacted by an elegant gentleman that present himself as Gerhard von Bรถhlmark. He says that he is a chef that wants to set up a restaurant at Cipango. Gerhard says that he has distant relatives living there that is of German-Solomani origin, although most of the inhabitants are from a Nihon-Solomani origin. Gerhard wants his restaurant to reflect the origin of the inhabitants, who has now grown too used to the Zhodani cuisine. He wants his restaurant to have a German-Nihon fusion kitchen. (He shows the group his proposed menu that includes “Weisswurst mit Wasabi” and “Sushi mit Sauerkraut” etc… On the drink list there are drinks made of sake and rauchbier etc…)

Gerhard needs the groups help with transport of his equipment and 50 tons of frozen and/or conserved foods. At Cipango he also needs help with installing the equipment and also in recruiting some chefs and other staff that he will train, so that his restaurant can develop into a planet wide chain. Gerhard will pay standard cargo fees, and for the extra work he will pay the group an additional Cr. 100,000 bonus.


Image by Thomas S. Public Domain

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Deliver Medicine

Patron: Scientist, Doctor, Executive
Required Skills: none
Required Equipment: starship

Players’ Information:
The group is contacted by Roland von Skurken, an executive of the local SuSAG plant. He explains to the group that a terrible (but not deadly) disease has broken out at a nearby mining planet. His R&D team has just developed a cure and a vaccine, and now this needs to be delivered as soon as possible to the unlucky planet. Unfortunately, there are currently no SuSAG ship in the system, so he hopes the group can deliver this, and if possible also help to distribute the cure. The group will be paid Cr. 100,000 for this delivery of 5 tons of cargo, and an additional Cr. 10.000, if they can help distributing the drugs.


Image from CDC. Public Domain

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Environmentalist Demonstration

Patron: Activist, Scientist
Required Skills: none
Required Equipment: none

Players’ Information:
While the group is visiting a bar near the starport on this medium tech and medium population backwater world, they are approached by a thin middle aged man in green clothes that doesn’t look like an army type. He present himself as Dr. Karl-Eneri Ristoff, and say that he is a member of a local environmentalist group called “Balance in Nature” that is going to protest against the annual spluka hunt. He says that the spluka hunt is both cruel and stupid, since the splukas are close to extinction. Nobles from all over the subsector come here once a year to hunt the splukas, only to cut of their heads off to mount as trophies.

Dr. Ristoff explains to the group that the demonstration is going to be held in two days. The demonstration is legal, but some locals and some hunters will not like the demonstration. Dr. Ristoff says that Balance in Nature are unarmed pacifists, but he suspects that some locals and maybe someone else might use violence to stop the demonstration and that the local police will look the other way. Therefore he wants the group to document the demonstration and then give the videotape to offworld news stations. If some nobles actually would embarrass themselves, that would really help the cause. Dr. Ristoff will lend the group video cameras from the university where he works. The only thing the group has to do is to videotape the demonstration, no matter what will happen. The group can then make copies at the university, and distribute these to subsector news stations. The compensation for this simple task will be Cr. 5000 and any money that the video tape could be sold for.

Charlotte Ross for PETA

Image from PETA. Public Domain

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With the news of the the recently spotted planet around Fomalhaut, I thought it was a good idea to write something about Fomalhaut in the Traveller Universe.

In the Traveller Universe Fomalhaut is only J-8 away form Terra. The planet orbiting Fomalhaut is a non industrial world occupied by the Imperium. It has a high tech-level and a horrible atmosphere. (B8C8469-F) This looks like a place to avoid. Other information is the spectral type, which is A3V, and the spectral type of it’s companion K4V.

If You compare this to what You can read about the star, it seems to be correct, except for the planet which is made up (for obvious reasons). The distance to Terra is correct. The spectral type is correct, and the spectral type of it’s companion, TW Piscis Austrini is correct. I am surprised that GDW got so many things right this time ๐Ÿ™‚ The planet they made up is not totally impossible. It could be a very young planet, or a captured planet.

The planet that now has been spotted (that is called Fomalhaut b) must be one of the two gas giants in the system.


Image from NASA. Public Domain

With the news of Fomalhaut b it would be interesting to run a short adventure here. Maybe something about a Solomani uprising against the Imperials, or dust mining in the outer systems. The fine dust might have perfect properties for sand-casters, and might contain diamonds. There might be illegal dust-mining operations that the PCs can be hired to perform, or be hired to stop.

Fomalhaut b

Image from NASA. Public Domain

But there is actually already a short adventure written about Fomalhaut. In Alien Module 6. I will not write any spoilers here, but this is a good adventure and it can be combined with my ideas above. If You just tweak this adventure a little bit, it might fit very well with both science and the traveller universe and probably give You an interesting gaming experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

Good luck! :mrgreen:

Interesting idea about coyns

Sacrifice CoynAt the CotI boards, there is an interesting thread about replacing one of the coyns for the major races with something else. E.g. a coyn for “the Virus” or IMTU (where the virus doesn’t exist) a coyn for the Hhkar. Since I am an evil referee, the coyn I would replace would be the humaniti coyn, (and this would happen all over known space). ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

This could be the start of an interesting campaign where the PCs try to save the future of humanity. Only the PCs and a number of scientists would know about the change, and the authorities will not listen to their warnings…

My Campaign

Well I’ve finally managed to get a lot of my campaign info up on my website. Please feel free to snoop around and let me know what you think. I am open to advice (this is my first Traveller campaign as a Referee).

The site is far from completed, but take a look at what I do have posted.

Please note that there are non-player races in the campaign, but I have yet to post the info on them. One of them is one of the 5 major space-faring races controlling the planet, so my math does work. ๐Ÿ™‚