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The Ine-Givar Wall of Freedom

The Ine-Givar Wall of Freedom is now open.

Every now and then the starport officials at Cipango downport has to arrest traders from outside the glorious Consulate that for some strange reason wants to scribble on the warehouse walls. It is not a big problem since our starport officials always knows about it in advance, and can prevent it. We have seen images from the chaotic starports in “the Imperium” where the walls of the warehouses are covered with scribblings. That is not what we want at Cipango downport, but in order to let the traders leave some personal messages on a wall, we have now set up a wall where the traders can scribble for free, without being arrested.

In honor of the heroic freedom fighters, we have decided to call it “The Ine-Givar Wall of Freedom:mrgreen: