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Mercenary Company Generator

Mercenary Company Generator
Mercenary Company Generator

The Mercenary Company Generator by Andy Bigwood is a few quick tables for generating a mercenary company.

Summary: Often players will encounter mercenary units, this document condenses portions of Mongoose Publishing’s excellent Traveller:Mercenary Book to provide very quick opponent generation. The reader is advised to buy the book for context of some concepts.

You can use the counter generators at the Zhodani Base to generate counters for you Mercenary Units.

Size: 2.3 MB
Version: 1.0
Published: February 28, 2022

New style for the Random Subsector Generator

The Random Subsector Generator has been updated. It now outputs an image in PNG format instead of ASCII.

Old and New Style
Old style to the left | New style to the right

The new style outputs a quite large image, 2066px × 2922px. The hexes are big enough include UWP and Trade Class. I have used a purple colour for UWP and Trade Class so that this extra information won’t stand out to much.

For the new style there are 10 types of planets. These are the same types that are used in the Traveller Universe program.