Sports in Traveller

How would different gravity and atmospheres affect
sport in traveller? What would it be like to play golf
on a world with size-2 and atm-5? What if a
heavyworlder soccer team meet a team from that size-2
world? Will the players be able to predict the bounces?

How would a sectorwide soccer league be organized?
And what about all the new sports that would have evolved
during the last 3000 years???

Zho in Trav Games With Imperials…


In a number of my games we have had zho’s working alongside Imperials, One was a VERY confused Tvarchdl’ Officer who had been trained for the Vargr states and was escaping through the imperium. 🙂
he was great fun until…
He decided to “adjust our Captain and Med officer. Which turned them both into A**H***s!
Which of course woke up one of the NPC’s who is one of the most subtile and strongest PSI’s in the Imperium…
Life got interesting after that …
The new Game is going to have a SORAG Prole Agent in it he could be Very interesting.
Have fun all.
As a group we have been doing a lot of thinking about the Zhodani and their Culture, as well as Zdetl the language.
By the way there is a Zdetl dictionary on GypsyComet’s site not complete but it is a start.
Have fun

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