16 new Patrons this year

This years 76 Patrons contest was a success. There were 16 entries. That is one more than the number of entries we had received last year.

This years entries:

  1. Xboat Speculation! (by Gray Pennell)
  2. Annual Maintenance (by Todd Bradley)
  3. The Executor (by Friz)
  4. This Old Drone (by Jim Vassilakos)
  5. Diplomatic Service (by Library Bob)
  6. Prison Broken (by Library Bob)
  7. Chapel Bells Chime (by Library Bob)
  8. Hunting Party (by Library Bob)
  9. Immersion (by Michael Brown)
  10. Software Desperation (by grondak)
  11. The New Messiah (by Alegis Downport)
  12. Treading the Boards (by Michael Brown)
  13. Royal Return (by George Ebersole)
  14. Repair Schedule (by Library Bob)
  15. Those Pesky Kids (by Allan Carpenter)
  16. Idol Fancy (by arbitrary remora and dead scout seven)

Now I have a lot to think about. In the beginning of October I will announce the winner. Until then, please comment, like and share. Tell us which entry you like the most and why! Both here and on other sites.


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