The Zhodani Base 76 Patrons Writing Contest – 2012

It is now time for The Zhodani Base 76 Patrons Writing Contest – 2012.

This years first prize is a $30 Gift Certificate at DriveThruRPG.
Second prize is a $10 Gift Certificate at DriveThruRPG.

If you win you can buy lots of traveller goodies that you might have missed.

The style of the entries should be in the style of the patrons in CT Supplement 6, 76 Patrons.

Past winners are:

Two of my own patrons can be found here:

The contest starts now and ends 31 Aug 2012. Write as many entries as You like.

After the 31:st of August 2012, all entries will be posted on the Zhodani Base. The winner will be chosen by Berka.

By entering the contest You allow your entry to be posted at the Zhodani Base. All entries might also be posted in PDF format as a free down-loadable file at the Zhodani Base.

All entrants will be given credit for their work and will retain the copyright on their entries.

Some general guidelines:

1, Each entry should be less than 1000 words.

2, One image may be used in each entry. You must either own the rights to the image, or it must be used under some sort of free license. Wikimedia Commons is a good place to find an image that You can use. Please provide information about the image. (Is it Yours? If not, where have You found it? What license is used?) Note: You don’t need to use an image.

3, Each patron should offer 6 options.

4, Each patron should be placed in the Foreven Sector. You may use the version of the Foreven Sector that can be found here at the Zhodani Base. (You don’t have to use this version.)

5, Please don’t force the PCs to sign up for (what they think are) illegal activities. It is better if they find that out later, or in some way are forced to take illegal action… 😈

6, Please use a spell checker! 🙄

Send Your entries by e-mail. Please use plain text format and attach the image, if You select to use one. Word files will not be accepted!

Please include a preferred nickname (that can be Your real name) to show on the Zhodani Base. If You expect to win, include an e-mail address to send the first prize to.

Some help: (That you don’t have to use.)

You may use Mongoose Traveller rules to design something for your patron, since the Zhodani Base has a Foreven Free Sector License.

Fessor Subsector
Fessor Subsector – Map made using Traveller Map Post API.

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