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Florensa Subsector

One of the more popular pages at the Zhodani Base is the Random Subsector Generator. With the help of the generator, some text editing and the post function at Traveller Maps and some editing using Gimp, I created this subsector.

I made this subsector to try out the region xml-tag that is used at TravellerMap for nebulas. But then I liked the subsector that I have made, so I decided to make it prettier using an image of a real nebula.

Florensa Subsector
The Florensa Nebula is in the center of the subsector. This nebula is a navigational hazard. (Add +2 for misjump to/from Florensa and +1 for misjump to/from any of the six surrounding hexes.)

Three interstellar powers are present in the subsector. The Portuna Federation, the Caponiana Free State, and the Elekto Zardom.

All three interstellar powers have signed an agreement that have defined the Florensa Nebula as a space preserve. No ships are allowed to go there except for scientific missions.

Short Write-Ups:


Silestina is the local capital of the Portuna Federation. Trade in illegal gems from the Florensa system has attracted lots of settlers. The planet is ruled by Duke Ostretto who is not very popular and that have risen the law-level to C to protect himself.

Florensa X000000-0

At Florensa there is a thin asteroid belt orbiting a neutron star at 80 AU. There are a few research stations in the belt. These stations observe the neutron star and the nebula. The stations are usually unmanned.

In some areas of the Nebula, there are lots of valuable minerals. It is possible to find gems like Diamonds or Sapphires. There are also noble metals like Platinum, Gold, Iridium, and Osmium. Some radioactive  can also be found.

In a few locations in the nebula, 2000-year-old (non-human) mining equipment have been found. Due to micrometeorites and radiation, these doesn’t work anymore, but they seem to have been more advance than what any of the current interstellar powers can produce.


Paleria is the local capital of the Caponiana Free State. Trade in illegal gold from the Florensa system has attracted lots of settlers. Paleria is controlled directly from Caponiana.


Armiona is working as some kind of local capital of the Elekto Zardom. Armiona is a huge asteroid belt and each asteroid have its own government. There is no central control. Trade in illegal radioactives from the Florensa system has attracted lots of settlers.

@SUB-SECTOR: Florensa SECTOR: Sadobi
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- --
Seelio        0107 E654564-6    Ag Ni              321 Pf
Signes-3      0205 D100277-5  S Lo Ni Va           323 Pf
Silestina     0206 B6889BC-B  N Hi Cp              224 Pf
Alkmesis      0208 C454775-8  S Ag              A  122 Na
Salora        0210 X000000-0    As Na           R  325 Na
Ekardina      0306 C878244-4  S Lo Ni              223 Pf
Roxandory     0307 D510210-5  S Lo Ni              723 Pf
Herlina       0310 X667000-0    Lo Ni           R  324 Na
Ornalda       0402 C100355-8  S Lo Ni Va           800 Ez
Armenete      0408 D520646-2    De Na Po           513 Cf
Irisek        0409 E634424-3    Ni                 123 Cf
Yurstea       0410 D797235-7  S Lo Ni              302 Cf
Isaraston     0501 C000776-6    As Na              503 Ez
Koronia       0503 C424110-A  S Lo Ni              903 Ez
Florensa      0505 X000000-0    As Ba Lo Ni     R  000 Na
Paleria       0508 B500964-B  N Hi In Na Va Cp     132 Cf
Ludoran       0510 E542425-2    Ni Po              723 Cf
Frington      0601 X9B4000-0    Ba Fl Lo Ni     R  024 Ez
Annelope      0602 C110125-7    Lo Ni              124 Ez
Armiona       0703 B000979-B    As Hi In Na Cp     314 Ez
Bavardina     0706 E524200-9    Lo Ni              813 Cf
Euphelene     0707 B10065A-9    Na Va              223 Cf
Restriam      0708 E69A665-8    Wa                 624 Cf
Rhodica       0709 X679000-0    Ba Lo Ni        R  034 Cf
Ullacin       0801 D210132-4    Lo Ni              122 Ez
Harmula       0804 C649420-7    Ni                 103 Ez
Clorian       0809 D695330-3  S Lo Ni              811 Cf

Other Versions:

The shorter jump

This post is about trigonometry in the hex-maps used for Traveller subsectors. The summary for those who hate maths is that a jump-4 is actually only 3.46 parsecs if you take the shortest route.

3.46 pc

As you can see in the image above is that if you want to go from point X (0503) to point Y (0101) it is a jump-4. The distance is 4 parsecs.

But if you wants to go from point  X (0503) to point Z (0103) it is also a jump-4, but the distance is actually shorter since you are zigzagging  when you are counting the hexes following the dotted orange line.

How much shorter is it? If we use Pythagoras, then:
a2 + b2 = c2
b2 = c2 – a2
b2 = 16 – 4 = 12
b = 3.46

If we use trigonometry, b = 4 * cos(30) = 3.46.

In the Adventures of the Starship Notorious the crew meets a very talented jump-drive scientist that helps the crew improve and calibrate their J-3 drive so that it can do 3.46. This will only work if the ship is unloaded and if a special jump-program is run.

Subsector from a Map

I have been asked how I made the maps of Lancaster and Chambersburg Subsectors. In this post I will describe how I did it.

(I have also done the same for Ireland. I work on a version of Denmark and south Sweden.)

First I find the area I want to map on Google Maps (or any other map). I zoom to the level I like. 10-20 towns (or places) in the area is about right. Make a screenshot of this.

I use a transparent subsector map that I have made using quickhex.

I use a good image editor that can handle layers. (I use GIMP, which is free.) Then I open my screenshot and place the transparent map on top of it as a layer. (I can move it a bit until I am happy where the towns are in the subsector.) This is what it could look like.
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