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State of the base

What has happened at the Base in 2012? A lot of things!

The coolest thing was the 15 entries in the 76 Patrons Writing Contest. 🙂
I hope we can beat that in 2013! I’ll add a few bucks to make the first prize even better. Sponsors are Welcome!

The most annoying thing this year was being hacked. 🙁
Well the base wasn’t really hacked. It was vandalized by a script-kiddie. Nothing was lost, and I didn’t lose control over anything. A script found a vulnerability and vandalized what it could. I could restore everything. This made me upgrade to the latest version of WordPress (the software that is running the blog). I also added two plugins that I thought looked cool. A dice roller and a forum.

One of these plugins had a vulnerability. The Base was vandalized again. 😡
Now I am a lot more restrictive about the plugins I add.

When upgrading the software I also got a better tool for site stats. All I knew before was that I had about 300.000 accesses each month. Now I know that I have about 4000 proper visitors each month

The 5 most popular posts on the blog was:

  1. Alien Fonts
  2. A Fat Cat or an interesting ship
  3. WriteUps for planets in the Foreven Sector
  4. Traveller 5th Edition at Kickstarter
  5. Sword Worlds revisited by Mongoose

The 5 most popular search words/phrases for finding the blog was:

  1. zhodani base
  2. tatu
  3. alien font
  4. traveller rpg
  5. tatu band

My post old post about The Average Traveller Universe seem to attract lots of surfers from eastern Europe. 🙄

I am looking forward to 2013. On my to-do list there are a few reviews that needs to be written. I will also write something about spherical ships. When I have time I will also do a few updates of some old stuff. I will continue posting news about the Zhodani Base, Traveller and astronomy at Facebook.


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