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New to Traveller

Hello, my gaming group and I have been looking for something different from the fantasy genre. I am currently re-reading the Honor Harrington Series and thought I’d like to run a Sci Fi game, and while in a game store I stumbled upon the Far Future Enterprises’ version of Classic Traveller and thought that would be something different. Most of us have experienced Traveller before, but probably not for nearly 20 years.

I am creating a campaign in my own universe for a few reasons. My original idea was to have something similar to Babylon 5, in the fact that the planet the players will be based on is where the Major races have all come together, thus allowing players to have access to playing aliens as well as humans. This I feel will create many story lines for me.

I am also contemplating revamping the psionic rules to allow players access to abilites I felt were missing.

As for aliens themselves I have thought about creating my own, since I don’t want players playing races that are ‘too’ alien, making them hard to play, as I’ve seen happen in games I’ve been involved in, in the past. I have thought of making anthropomorphic-type aliens so my players can better relate to their characters.

I found this website and have really valued it’s usefullness and wanted to thank-you. Since I am new to running Traveller, I was wondering if anyone could give me any useful advice, or if any of my ideas above will not work well. I am in the beginning stages of creating my campaign so the above is easily changeable.



Vargr poll

After 116 votes, the Vargr IMTU poll is now closed.

In TATU (The Average Traveller Universe), we kind of like the doggies more than anything else…

See the results at here and compare it with the other polls.

The new poll is about the 3:rd Imperium.

t.A.T.u. is also a russian girl band.


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