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Fortune’s Wheel

Fortune’s Wheel by Lisanne Norman.

The Sholan are not Aslan! The Sholan are big hippie catlike psionic sex maniacs. This is a story about a human young woman named Carrie and the Sholan male named Kusac that she forms a special psionic bond with called a leska link. The Sholan forces has just liberated a human colony from invaders, Kusac and Carrie have met and formed this link between them. Then she have to go to the Sholan home world with him. The book is almost 650 pages, and nothing much really happens! Mostly, the book is just boring, and then they have sex, and then it is boring again, and then they have sex again, etc. If I say any more about the story, then there will be no surprises left. If You want to read about big cats, read something by C.J. Cherryh instead.

Vargr poll

After 116 votes, the Vargr IMTU poll is now closed.

In TATU (The Average Traveller Universe), we kind of like the doggies more than anything else…

See the results at here and compare it with the other polls.

The new poll is about the 3:rd Imperium.

t.A.T.u. is also a russian girl band.


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